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Interface: ConnectionOptions


GRPC + Temporal server connection options



Optional address: string

Server hostname and optional port. Port defaults to 7233 if address contains only host.

default localhost:7233


Optional channelArgs: Record<string, any>

GRPC Channel arguments

see options here


Optional credentials: ChannelCredentials

Channel credentials, create using the factory methods defined here

Either tls or this may be specified for configuring TLS


Optional interceptors: Interceptor[]

Grpc interceptors which will be applied to every RPC call performed by this connection. By default, an interceptor will be included which automatically retries retryable errors. If you do not wish to perform automatic retries, set this to an empty list (or a list with your own interceptors).


Optional tls: null | boolean | TLSConfig

TLS configuration. Pass a falsy value to use a non-encrypted connection or true or {} to connect with TLS without any customization.

Either credentials or this may be specified for configuring TLS