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Namespace: activity

This library provides tools for authoring activities.

Import this module from Activity code - must not be used in Workflows.

Any function can be used as an Activity as long as its parameters and return value are serializable using a DataConverter.


Activities may be cancelled only if they emit heartbeats.
There are 2 ways to handle Activity cancellation:

  1. await on Context.current().cancelled
  2. Pass the context's abort signal at Context.current().cancellationSignal to a library that supports it


An Activity that fakes progress and can be cancelled

import { Context } from '@temporalio/activity';
import { CancelledFailure } from '@temporalio/common';

export async function fakeProgress(sleepIntervalMs = 1000): Promise<void> {
try {
// allow for resuming from heartbeat
const startingPoint = Context.current().info.heartbeatDetails || 1;
console.log('Starting activity at progress:', startingPoint);
for (let progress = startingPoint; progress <= 100; ++progress) {
// simple utility to sleep in activity for given interval or throw if Activity is cancelled
// don't confuse with Workflow.sleep which is only used in Workflow functions!
console.log('Progress:', progress);
await Context.current().sleep(sleepIntervalMs);
} catch (err) {
if (err instanceof CancelledFailure) {
console.log('Fake progress activity cancelled');
// Cleanup
throw err;

An Activity that makes a cancellable HTTP request

import fetch from 'node-fetch';
import { Context } from '@temporalio/activity';

export async function cancellableFetch(url: string): Promise<Uint8Array> {
const response = await fetch(url, { signal: Context.current().cancellationSignal });
const contentLengthHeader = response.headers.get('Content-Length');
if (contentLengthHeader === null) {
throw new Error('expected Content-Length header to be set');
const contentLength = parseInt(contentLengthHeader);
let bytesRead = 0;
const chunks: Buffer[] = [];

for await (const chunk of response.body) {
if (!(chunk instanceof Buffer)) {
throw new TypeError('Expected Buffer');
bytesRead += chunk.length;
Context.current().heartbeat(bytesRead / contentLength);
return Buffer.concat(chunks);





Re-exports ActivityFunction


Re-exports ActivityInterface


Re-exports CancelledFailure