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Interface: IRetryPolicy


Properties of a RetryPolicy.

Implemented by



Optional backoffCoefficient: null | number

Coefficient used to calculate the next retry interval. The next retry interval is previous interval multiplied by the coefficient. Must be 1 or larger.


Optional initialInterval: null | IDuration

Interval of the first retry. If retryBackoffCoefficient is 1.0 then it is used for all retries.


Optional maximumAttempts: null | number

Maximum number of attempts. When exceeded the retries stop even if not expired yet. 1 disables retries. 0 means unlimited (up to the timeouts)


Optional maximumInterval: null | IDuration

Maximum interval between retries. Exponential backoff leads to interval increase. This value is the cap of the increase. Default is 100x of the initial interval.


Optional nonRetryableErrorTypes: null | string[]

Non-Retryable errors types. Will stop retrying if the error type matches this list. Note that this is not a substring match, the error type (not message) must match exactly.